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The biggest product launch campaign for Cadbury in 2020 was happening in the middle of a pandemic. We were competing with international news and were restricted by low budgets. We had to launch Cadbury ChocoBakes Cakes, and say that 'Your Cadbury is now in a cookie' So I cracked an idea that generated organic buzz for our brand overnight. 'CADBURY GOES MISSING' 

We got India's leading Cadbury products to report the missing Cadbury logo. Over 50 million people on social media were talking about the curious case of missing Cadbury. We teased the nation by making Cadbury disappear from sign boards at Cadbury Junction in Mumbai, on billboards, on social media, from celebrity's homes.

At an online #SweetSecretParty we finally revealed that the beloved Cadbury was now in ChocoBakes Cake!

I led an amazing creative team of 3, and together we turned the campaign into a national sensation. What started as a digital activation, quickly turned into a 360 degree launch campaign because we managed to pique the nation's interest.

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